NIDEK Yellow Laser Photocoagulator

YLC-500 / YLC-500 Vixi

Reliable Laser Delivery for Optimal Treatments

The YLC-500 & 500 Vixi is a yellow laser that achieves stable treatment outcomes for multiple applications.

Safety Optics with Low Impact on Cornea

Unlike conventional lasers, NIDEK’s YLC-500 & 500 Vixi is developed with SOLIC optical design, ensuring low energy density on the cornea and lens, even for large spot sizes.

Treatment of Various Retinal Pathologies

Vision practitioners can now treat varying retinal pathologies with 22 preprogrammed scan patterns. With functions such as Auto Forward and Spacing, the YLC-500 Vixi creates a better experience in surgical procedures.

Enhance YLC-500 with Low Power Mode

An optional function vision practitioners can choose is Low Power Mode – a form of laser treatment that delivers reduced power to the retina for therapeutic effect. The laser power is decreased by a specific ratio.

Functional User Console


An intuitive graphic user interface and easy-to-read touch screen color LCD allow quick and easy setup and verification of the scan pattern and treatment parameters.

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Key Card

The SD card is used as a key to start the unit. It enables software upgrades and saves a summary of the treatments

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Lightweight & Compact Design


This multifunction laser is housed in a small console. The space-saving design allows portability to virtually any room.

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Trusted by top care eye professionals

Yellow Laser Photocoagulator.

Our practice recently demoed the NIDEK YLC-500 Yellow laser, and it worked extremely well! We easily did focal, PRP, and retinopexies with success and the pattern presets proved to be very accurate. The experience with other pattern scan lasers I have used in the past gave inconsistent burns.

With the YLC-500 Yellow Laser, I did not need to increase the power in order to get adequate burns and without heat spread. Additionally, the control panel is quite easy to use by switching quickly from pattern to single spot.

Dr. Jordan S. Johnson, MD
Retina Consultants of Oklahoma