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NIDEK Microperimeter MP-3
MP-3 type S

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MP-3/3 type S Resources

More detailsHow To Install The K2 Medical Table

In this video, Keith Effert, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at NIDEK, shares step-by-step instructions on how to install the K2 table for your optometry or ophthalmology practice.

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More detailsWhy I Perform Microperimetry In Addition To Structural Assessment

NIDEK MP-3 testimonials from users worldwide

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More detailsCan The Mp-3 Microperimeter Teach Eccentric Viewing?

A case study on the MP-3 microperimeter in a Retina and Low Vision Practice

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More detailsMp-3 Microperimeter Product Demonstration

Keith Effert, Senior Product Marketing Manager at NIDEK, provides an in-depth product demonstration of the NIDEK MP-3 Automatic Microperimeter.

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Product Training, Product Video

MP-3 Microperimeter Product Demonstration

More detailsTech Spotlight: Nidek Mp-3 Microperimeter

Dr. Sadiq Syed explains why he chooses NIDEK’s MP-3 Microperimeter for his clinical practice.

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Featured Article, Product Testimonial

Tech Spotlight: NIDEK MP-3 Microperimeter

More detailsNidek Mp-3/3 Type S: The Automatic Microperimeter

The Microperimeter with a Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera is capable of improving office efficiency and patient comfort.

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More detailsMedicare Reimbursement For Nidek Mp-1S And Mp-3 Microperimeter

The key points that warrant Medicare coverage for testing performed with NIDEK’s MP-1S and MP-3.

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More detailsIntroducing Automatic Microperimeter With A Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera

The NIDEK MP-3 Microperimeter measures local retinal sensitivity for functional assessment of the retina. The results can be displayed over a color fundus image, correlating retinal anatomy to retinal function.

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More detailsNew Product Applications: Microperimetry’s Bigger Picture

All-in-one system provides microperimetry, color fundus imagery, and fixation analysis.

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