Hello, we are nidek.

Providing the joy of sight to people worldwide since 1971

We provide vision practitioners with better ways to treat more types of eye diseases, with new and distinctive eye care products using a combination of optical technology and electronic engineering.​

Since 1971,
Our vision is to find and foster eye-care solutions for all people, everywhere.

What we can do best for human eyes is to provide the joy of vision through our scientific capabilities. For over 48 years, NIDEK strives to deliver this joy of sight to people worldwide. Their dedication only exceeds their commitment to customer satisfaction in providing patients with the highest level of eye care possible.

Nidek Team at Event
We are devoted to providing the best solutions for the highest level of eye and health care.

Founded in Gamagori, Japan, NIDEK is universally recognized as one of the today's largest manufacturers of ophthalmic products with a diverse range of diagnostic and surgical devices, and continues to lead the industry by expanding the boundaries of vision science.

Our Product Philosophy
NIDEK answers the needs of vision care practitioners with the design, manufacture, and distribution of ophthalmic equipment, based on three product philosophies.
Invisible to Visible

Creating Vision


Vision to Recognition

Obtaining Better Recognition through Vision


Eye Instrument

Making Excellent Products for Vision

Core Values

Built on Japanese concepts known as the “Three AIs,” these core values form the “NIDEK Spirit,” laying the sound foundation and propelling the company into the future.
Nidek Core Value - Sekai Illustration


Strong Will

This is the most important element. The strong will to try challenging and overcoming difficulties even if it seems impossible.



This is a key element for every aspect of our work. Chigai means making possible what others cannot and being a valuable company forever by differentiating NIDEK from other companies with unique products, promotional activities, and services.

Nidek Core Value - Sekai Illustration



NIDEK aims to become a company that contributes to people all over the world by driving the global market with our products and service. It is important to understand differences in nationality and culture.

our business is the enrichment and enhancement of human life.

Motoki Ozawa

President and CEO of NIDEK Co., LTD.

Nidek CEO - Motoki Ozawa
we are global
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