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Regular inspection and preventive maintenance of your medical device(s) prolongs the life of your investment and ensures reliable performance and regulatory compliance.


Every NIDEK product comes with limited service and warranty

Limited complimentary support and available with all NIDEK equipment.


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  • Loaner Unit Provided with Waived Charges


Enterprise service and support with annual preventative maintenance

  • Everything in Gold
  • Annual Preventative Maintenance
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I have been a customer of their service and preventative maintenance department since 2000… I feel the maintenance that I have received through my contract has aided in the performance and stability of my laser thus giving me the confidence to treat refractive errors in my patients.

LASIK and Cataract Surgeon

The NIDEK laser is a workhorse but when service is needed, I am very happy to rely on the NIDEK service techs. They are always available for questions and walk us through attempts to correct problems remotely. When it’s more complex, they are here quickly, the work is done professionally, and our machine is back in service fast with minimal schedule disruption. The complex excimer technology is in reliable hands when I need their help, and that allows me to focus on taking care of the patients and my business. I am very happy with the NIDEK Excimer Laser and with the service side of the company. NIDEK is in it for the long-term and on the side of the doctors.

Medical Director of Liberty Laser Eye

A Smiling Woman With Wavy Hair Is Wearing A White Lab Coat Over A Light-Colored Top. She Stands Confidently With One Hand On Her Hip, And &Quot;Md&Quot; Embroidered On Her Coat. The Image, In Striking Black And White, Subtly Hints At The Excellence Of Nidek'S Medical Innovation.
A Man In A White Medical Coat, Representing Nidek, Smiles And Gestures With His Hand Near His Chin. He Is Looking Off To The Side Against A Plain Gray Background.

NIDEK has the greatest service team out of all laser companies that we have dealt with. They are prompt, considerate, very knowledgeable, attentive, and thorough, among other great qualities. We have known them for over 10 years – servicing our 2 NIDEK lasers consistently and accurately. They do pre-scheduled PM’s during which they take the machine apart and inspect every important component 4 times every year. Over the years, we have had wonderful outcomes with our treatments thanks to the service team. We are exclusive NIDEK users because we trust the technology and most importantly, the service team.

Founder & Director of Manhattan LASIK Center

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