Leading the Way in Visual Excellence

NIDEK offers a wide array of equipment designed for the diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases, glaucoma, and other vision-impairing afflictions.

Your Vision is Our Mission

With a long history of research and development in examining, diagnosing, and treatment of eye disease, NIDEK deliver solutions to your needs at all stages of eye care.

Expanding the Boundaries of Vision Science

We have an unparalleled devotion to expanding the boundaries of vision science and contribute directly to shaping the future of vision technology, including the daily lives of patients and vision practitioners, as reflected by our ongoing research and development of new technologies optoelectronics and artificial vision.

Unrivaled "Made by NIDEK" Quality Assurance

NIDEK is proud that our quality assurance activities gained the international recognition that these international certifications attest. We will continue to strive to enhance our product quality even further and deliver products that our customers can use with confidence.

Do you recognize this balloon?

If you have seen this balloon in an optical device, then you have used a NIDEK product! You were able to experience an examination by the leading technology used for measuring the refraction of eyes, which can determine reference values for how much corrective power you will need in your glasses or contact lens.

Engineered for You, Made by NIDEK.

Contact us today, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about our technology.

Preparing Vision Practitioners with Innovations for Today and Tomorrow

We help eye care professionals around the world not just with better eye care technology, but with a better eye care experience. Our technological advancements provide reliable ophthalmic equipment that focuses on value for doctors and their patients.

Today and into the future, NIDEK is changing how we see.
Industry Leading
Vision Care Technology

Since 1971, NIDEK has been  researching and developing cutting-edge technology, and continues to deliver exceptional value to practitioners throughout the world as a global leader.

Superior Treatments
Backed by Clinical Results
NIDEK’s complete and diverse range of ophthalmic equipment are clinically proven to provide comprehensive results in examination, diagnosis, and treatment of the eye.
Most Trusted
By Top Eye Care Professionals
NIDEK delivers high quality technology that is easy to use, long-lasting, and always with unmatched levels of clinical support and services.
Optimal Performance
for Optimal Outcomes
Partnered with the world’s best researchers, NIDEK is driven to provide robust products that can help eye care professionals make optimal clinical decision easier.
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