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Last updated: June 1, 2024

Privacy Policy

NIDEK Inc. (hereinafter “NIDEK”) is fully aware of the importance to protect Personal Information of customers, business partners, employees, and so on. Based on this idea, NIDEK will continuously handle Personal Information appropriately and safely, accordingly to this Privacy Policy.

1. Compliance with Law

NIDEK will comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to the protection of Personal Information.

2. Employee Education

NIDEK will completely inform of this Policy to all of the directors, employees and those concerned to ensure that each of them understands the importance of the Policy and conducts themselves in an appropriate manner.

3. Purpose of Use

NIDEK will collect the personal information through the fair and legal means. When collecting, NIDEK will specify the purpose of use on the website, or obtain prior consent for the purpose of use from the individual to whom such Personal Information relates (hereinafter “Owner” ).

4. Authority and Responsibility

NIDEK will use Personal Information only for the business purpose that NIDEK has indicated on the website or NIDEK has obtained prior consent from Owner when collecting. Only appropriate person who is responsible for the protection will use Personal Information.

5. Security Measures

NIDEK will take necessary and appropriate measures for the security of the personal information to prevent illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage and so on.

6. Use of Subcontractor

When providing Personal Information to subcontractors, NIDEK will execute an agreement with them and take necessary measures required by law.

7. Prohibition of Disclosure to Third Parties

Unless otherwise authorized by the Owner or allowed by relevant laws and regulations, NIDEK will not provide Personal Information to any third party.

8. Inquiry from Owner

NIDEK will respond to Owner’s inquiries about its Personal Information such as to disclose, correct, stop using, or delete. In such case, NIDEK will confirm Owner’s identity for security of Personal Information.

Privacy Statement

NIDEK Inc. has established Website Privacy Statement for the personal information and privacy matters (hereinafter “Personal Information”) about visitors to our website (hereinafter “Website”).

You agree to the following Website Privacy Statement, by providing your Personal Information to NIDEK through this Website.

Collection of Personal Information

In general, you are able to browse this Website without providing your Personal information. However, you need to provide your Personal Information to NIDEK when you send inquiries, registrations, etc. to NIDEK.

Purpose of Using Personal Information

NIDEK will appropriately use your Personal Information provided through this Website only for the following purposes. However, NIDEK may use the provided Personal Information for statistics or anonymized data without disclosing your personal identity.

  • To respond to your requests or inquiries.
  • To provide customer support and customer services.
  • To provide you with products, services, and event information or educational materials, or to deliver marketing communications or advertisements that may be of interest to you.
  • To improve the quality of NIDEK products, services, events, websites or other activities.
  • For any other purposes identified when obtaining your Personal Information.

Management of Personal Information

NIDEK will manage your Personal Information appropriately in accordance with the purpose of use, and endeavor to prevent leakage, loss, destruction, and unauthorized access, etc.

Provision and Disclosure to Third Parties

NIDEK will not provide or disclose your Personal Information to any third parties except for the following cases:

  • Your consent has been obtained.
  • Operation is entrusted to a third party to achieve the purpose of use.
  • Disclosure is required in accordance with laws or regulations.
  • Disclosure is immediately required to protect human life, body, or rights, under conditions difficult to obtain your consent.

Underage Personal Information

NIDEK does not knowingly collect Personal Information under the age of 16.

Access to your Personal Information

If you would like to disclose, correct, and delete your Personal Information, contact NIDEK by the e-mail. NIDEK will respond with sincerity to your request within reason.

Coverage of This Statement

NIDEK applies this Website Privacy Statement to the Personal Information provided through (NIDEK USA Website). However, NIDEK may modify this Website Privacy Statement, or append the necessary terms on Website. When specific terms posted on the Website, such terms shall take precedence over this Website Privacy Statement.

For Visitors in Europe

NIDEK will keep your Personal Information securely maintained until such Personal Information becomes no longer necessary for the said purposes. The Personal Information will be automatically recorded on a server computer, however, NIDEK will not use such Personal Information for the purpose of automated decision-making through this Website.

You have the right to access to, rectify, or erase your Personal Information as well as the right to data portability and right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority based on applicable laws and regulations. You may at any time withdraw consent which you have given to NIDEK in relation to your use of this Website.


NIDEK Inc. (hereinafter “NIDEK”) has established Website Privacy Statement for the personal information and privacy matters (hereinafter “Personal Information”) about visitors to our website (hereinafter “Website”).

You agree to the following Website Privacy Statement, by providing your Personal Information to NIDEK through this Website.

1. What are cookies?

This site uses cookies – small data files that are sent and stored on your web browser or mobile device. This provides us the most minimal information of how you navigate and interact with our website so we can learn how to improve on our services and provide you with the best possible experience we can offer.

2. What do we use and how do we use them?

  1. To provide a better browsing experience, tailored to your preferences.
  2. To authenticate users and prevent fraudulent use.
  3. To help make the website work and deliver services as intended and expected.
  4. To connect users with more engaging and meaningful information.
  5. To collect error messages and improve service as well as browsing experience.
  6. To analyze how our users interact and engage with our product and services.

To accomplish these purposes, we use technologies such as Google Analytics, Marketo, and Facebook Pixel.

3. Can you opt out?

Yes, if you prefer to disable cookies on this site and on others, please keep in mind that your experience may not be as we intended if you change the standard settings. As a rule, cookies will make your browsing experience better.

Any interested visitor can learn how to opt out of third party cookies by consulting this page, or learn how to change your browser settings.

Visitors located in the European Union can select their preferences with the preferences panel, and can change their preferences by clearing their cookies, refreshing the page, and selecting their preferences again.

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