First in Class Accuracy

With full mapping coverage and corneal history, the E300 is there to deliver when accuracy matters most.

Meridia is the next generation corneal topographer that goes beyond the E300 technology excellence, providing a complete picture in one platform.


Corneal Topographer




Standard Capture: 0.25 –11mm
TCC (Composite): Limbus to Limbus

Field of View
Topography: 17.5 mm(H)
Fluorescein: 20.0 mm(H)
Anterior Image: 26.0 mm(H)
Meibomian Image: 26.0 mm(H)

Power Range
10 –100 Diopters

Analyzed Points

Increased Field of View Topography
Tear Meniscus Height Measurements
Scotopic and Photopic Pupil Measurements

High-Resolution Digital Color Imaging
Anterior Imaging and Video
Meibomian Gland Imaging
Fluorescein Imaging and Video

Proven Imaging Grading Scales

Optimized Depth of Field Focus
Focus Guidance Aid
Horizontal Visible Iris Detection
Scleral Lens Simulation

Advanced Software
Regression Analysis
Subtractive Maps
Orthokeratology Analysis
Myopia Management Analysis
Anatomical Analysis (or Metrics)
Pupil Diameter
Iris Diameter
Corneal and Scleral Height Calculation (or Estimation)

Number of Rings

Power Requirements
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

PC Requirements
OS: Microsoft™ Windows™ 10 Pro 64 bit edition, version 1909 or later.
Processor: Intel i5 generation 6 processor or later.
Motherboard: Genuine Intel™ chipset highly recommended.
Memory: 8 GB for non-video captures, 16 GB for video captures.
Hard Disk Space: 40 GB for non-video captures, 200 GB for video captures (more for
larger databases or busy practices).
Video cards that share main memory are not recommended.
Screen resolution: Recommended 1920 x 1080. The Minimum supported 1280 x 768.
USB: At least one free USB 3.1 generation 1 compliant port of the PC.

PC and Mains Powered Peripherals
EN/IEC60950 Compliant

Width: 9.25 in (235mm)
Depth: 13.5 in (345mm)
Height: 18.50 in (470mm +/-15mm Stroke)

22.04 lbs. (10 kg – Unit Only)

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