NIDEK Specular Microscope


Multi Area Specular Microscopy

The combination of central, paracentral, and peripheral imaging is available.

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Built-In Touch Screen

Large Tiltable LCD screen for superior viewing angle and operational position options.

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Built-In Printer

The built-in printer provides an instant printout of the analyzed data and images of the endothelial cells.

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Patient Comfort

The 3-D auto tracking and auto shot, provides ease of use, allowing faster and more accurate measurement.

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Unique Built-in Function: Paracentral Mode

The combination of central, paracentral, and peripheral imaging provides a broader, overall view that can be used for detailed morphological and quantitative evaluation of the endothelial layer and individual cells.

Enhanced Usability & Quick Analysis

With 3D auto tracking and auto shot, vision practitioners can now easily choose optimal images for analyzing data, get comprehensive analysis in 2 seconds, and view endothelial cells in 4 different modes.

Enhance CEM-530 with CEM Viewer for NAVIS-EX

An optional function vision practitioners can choose is the CEM Viewer – a software for viewing and working with data using NAVIS-EX. Features include data management and endothelial cell count, progression follow-up and comparison, and paracentral display with peripheral.

Gold Standard

Automated Specular Microscope.