Gold Standard for Paracentral Imaging

Paracentral Mode

Specular Microscopy

The combination of central, paracentral (8 points), and peripheral (6 points) imaging provides a broader, overall view that can be used for detailed morphological and quantitative evaluation of the endothelial layer and individual cells.

Two Second Auto Analysis

Seamless Auto
& Manual Integrations

Rapid analysis increases the efficiency of the practice. Once the image is selected, complete analysis is automatically performed in two seconds with the CEM-530.

The analysis screen allows visualization of the endothelial cells in four modes, trace, photo, area, and apex, which helps the clinician to verify analysis values with the correspondent cell images.

2 Seconds

Auto Analysis with 4 Modes for Viewing Endothelial Cells

2 Histograms

In Shape (Pleomorphism) and Size (Polymegathism)¹

The CEM-530 provides comprehensive analysis including two histograms of variation in shape (pleomorphism) and size (polymegathism). For detailed analysis, the range of analysis can be changed and the cells to be excluded can be selected at the user’s discretion.


Get Additional Features with CEM Viewer for NAVIS-EX¹

CEM Viewer is software used for viewing and working with CEM-530 data via NAVIS-EX. This function enhances the capability of the CEM-530 with additional features and increases the efficiency of any clinic.

Unlimited NAVIS-EX database is available for review on the CEM Viewer. The basic functions of the CEM-530 such as endothelial cell count are available on the CEM Viewer.
Multiple examination data sets are displayed in chronological order for follow-up. Additionally, two data sets can be displayed for comparison. Endothelial changes can be monitored over time with this function.
The images and analyses of the paracentral and peripheral areas are displayed providing a comprehensive image of endothelial cells.

Experience a powerful specular microscopy and get access to premium support and resources.

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¹ NAVIS-EX is optional software and is not required for use of the CEM Viewer.