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NIDEK Ophthalmic Ultrasound System Echoscan US-4000/500



Crisp & Clear Images

Exclusively for US-4000, the full-color LCD multi-information display allows you to quickly read the data you need to provide high-quality patient care. The results are high quality images, which are essential for accurate analysis. High contrast of resonated signals and the high quality LCD monitor provide the ideal images for the most accurate diagnosis.

  • High Resolution Images From Scanning 400 Lines Over 60°
  • B-Scan Images Displays on 1024 x 768 XGA Monitor
  • Easily Print Patient’s Images with Internal Thermal Printer


Rapid, Accurate & Easy-to-Use

Using new algorithms, axial length measurements and IOL power calculations are performed twice as rapidly as the conventional model. Measurement accuracy for cataracts and existing opacities is accomplished by pressing the “Dense Cat” switch and “Gate switch”.

  • Fast and Accurate Biometry Measurements
  • US-500 Available in only Biometry and Pachymetry

Easy Data Transfer

A Nidek Medical Ultrasound Machine With A Screen, Control Buttons, And A Stylus On A White Background. The Device Is Used For Diagnostic Imaging, Typically In A Clinical Setting. The Brand Name &Quot;Nidek&Quot; Is Visible At The Bottom.

Interface Cable

Keratometry values measured by any NIDEK ARK are automatically imported into the US-4000 / 500 for easy IOL power calculation.

A Person'S Hand Is Holding A Printout From A Nidek Medical Device. The Printout Includes Text And A Black-And-White Ultrasound Image, Possibly Of An Eye. In The Background, Part Of The Nidek Medical Device From Which The Printout Was Generated Is Visible.

Internal Printer

B-Scan images are easily printed and may be attached to the patient’s medical record sheet.

A White Nidek Medical Device With A Usb Flash Drive Inserted Into A Port On Its Side. The Smooth Surface Complements The Distinct Buttons And Control Elements Visible On The Upper Part, Exemplifying Nidek’s Commitment To Seamless Design And Functionality.


Data is easily stored through USB memory and LAN.

Echoscan Ultrasound

A Nidek Medical Ultrasound Machine Labeled &Quot;Nidek Us-4000 Echograph&Quot; Features A Screen Displaying An Eye Scan. It Has Several Control Knobs, Buttons, And A Connected Probe. The Screen Shows Detailed Imaging With Various Data And Settings.


A Medical Device From Nidek, Featuring A Screen Displaying Diagnostic Data And Controls. It Includes Various Buttons, Knobs, And Probes Designed Specifically For Ophthalmic Ultrasound And Biometric Measurements.


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