2012 Red Dot Design Award Winner

10 Seconds to Measure 6 Values

NIDEK's solution is the state of art optical biometer – the AL-Scan. In 10 seconds, six values for cataract surgery are measured:

Rapid measurements are essential for clinical efficiency and patient comfort.

3D Auto Tracking and Auto Shot

Automated Functions
for Accurate Alignment

The AL-Scan incorporates NIDEK’s much acclaimed 3D auto tracking and auto shot, which provides the operator with the most ease, comfort, and accuracy on all measurements.

The 3D auto tracking tracks eye movements on the X-Y-Z planes to ensure accurate alignment of the eye. Once correct alignment is completed, the auto shot immediately captures the image and data.

9 Calculation Formulas
for Intra-Ocular Lens Power

Quickly calculate IOL power with AL-Scan's 9 embedded IOL calculation formulas¹, improve postoperative accuracy with IOL Constants Optimization.

3 Imaging Functions for Observing Anterior Segments

Easily diagnose with AL-Scan's imaging of lens, pupil, and double mire rings. Observe anterior segments with sectional lens image, pupil image, and reflected image of double mire rings projected onto the cornea.


Measure More with a Built-In Ultrasound Biometer

Measure virtually any cataractous eye without having to move the patient in cases where the optical biometer cannot measure an eye with a cataract.

What's even better? The AL-Scan requires no connection with an external ultrasound unit.


Get Additional Features with AL-Scan Viewer for NAVIS-EX²

AL-Scan Viewer is software used for viewing and working with AL-Scan data via NAVIS-EX. This function enhances the capability of the AL-Scan with additional features and increases the efficiency of any clinic.


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¹ Additional Barrett formulas available for the NAVIS-EX AL-Scan Viewer Barrett Universal II, Barrett True-K, Barrett Toric Calculator.
² NAVIS-EX is optional software and is required for use of the AL Viewer.