The Standard in Proven Topography Performance

See Clearly, Treat Optimally

The medmont meridia Advanced Topographer carries forward a legacy of over twenty years of expertise, experience, reliability, and first in class accuracy coupled with new unmatched images and versatile clinical application choices — all in one platform.

Individualized Patient Care
on a Single Platform

Anterior (White)
Fluorescein (Blue)
Meibomian (IR)
Corneal Topography

Power up your workflow with
Studio Software v7

The Meridia with the enhanced Medmont Studio software v7 introduces a new level of clarity with high resolution images, increased field of view and is designed to bring additional applications in dry eye and contact lens fitting evaluations to enhance your insights to improve patient care.

Every Eye Matters…

In today’s eye health care and there is pressure to implement diagnostic solutions that are cutting edge, without compromising space, workflow efficiencies, diagnosis, and treatment, or patient care. Meridia Advanced Topographer with Studio v7 platform is designed to bring outstanding meaningful insights with clarity that helps you improve quality of patient care, manage healthcare costs, and workflow within your practice — allowing you to deliver versatile personalized superb care to each and every patient.

Topography Simplified

Dexterity, precision, control and comfort — without them, no hand intensive device is a success, for either the clinical professional using it or for the patient relying on the outcomes. Meridia is an ergonomically driven design that checks all the boxes enabling command at your fingertips for better operation and workflow efficiencies with five quick keys on the instrument.


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