One System. Many Choices.

The medmont meridia™ continues the standard in proven topography performance by offering NEW multi-modal images and applications, such as dry eye and contact lens fitting evaluations, high-resolution color video and images, and much more – providing a complete picture in one platform.

The Gold Standard in Fitting Specialty Lenses

The enhanced Medmont Studio software v7 introduces a new level of clarity with high resolution images, increased field of view and is designed to bring additional applications in dry eye and contact lens fitting evaluations to enhance your insights to improve patient care.

Complete Your View

The meridia extends the E300 topography performance by combining it with premium anterior, fluorescein imaging and videos, and array of dry-eye evaluation options, including detailed meibography.

Topography Simplified

Featuring an ergonomically driven design that checks all the boxes, the meridia enables precise command at your fingertips for better operation and workflow efficiencies with five quick keys on the instrument.

Enhanced Applications


Full color images for corneal topography, specialty lens fitting, anterior and fluorescein images, and dry eye evaluations.

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Corneal Coverage


Using 32 rings with 102,000 measurement points, the meridia provides detailed topography data over a wide area of the human cornea.

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User Friendly


Ergonomic design with 5 quick keys are designed to improve workflow efficiencies and user experience for you and your staff.

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medmont meridia™ Advanced Topography Platforms
Key New Features
Increased Field of View Topography
Optimized Depth of Field Focus
Miniaturized AC/DC Adapter
3.0/3.1 USB Interface
Ergonomic Quick Keys
Convenient and Secure Calibration Ball Storage
High Resolution Digital Color Imaging
Automated Horizontal Visible Iris Detection
Scleral Lens Fitting Simulation
Improved User Experience and Interface with Studio Software v7
Anterior Imaging and Video
Meibomian Gland Imaging
Fluorescein Imaging and Video
Tear Meniscus Measurements
Corneal Staining and Fluid Dynamics
Scotopic and Photopic Pupil Measurements
Focus Guidance Aid
Imaging Grading Scales
Screening Reports