Automatic Microperimeter with a
Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera

High Definition Measurements

The MP-3 measures local retinal sensitivity for functional assessment of the retina. The results can be displayed over a color fundus image, correlating retinal anatomy to retinal function.

Increase Comfort
and Better Efficiency

Auto tracking and auto alignment functions provide more accurate measurements increasing patient and operator comfort and efficiency. These functions allow easy follow-up and reduce variations between examiners, resulting in well-aligned follow up exams.

Feedback Exam
for Visual Rehabilitation

The visual rehabilitation mode trains low-vision patients who have lost foveal fixation to relocate their preferred retinal locus (PRL) to a different region, called the trained retinal locus (TRL). The TRL is predetermined by a physician, and fixation rehabilitation allows the patient better functional vision (i.e. reading speed) due to increased fixation stability and visual outcomes.

Active flickering pattern stimulation and cheery music create an effective and pleasant training experience for the patient.

Image courtesy of the National Centre of Services and Research for the Prevention of Blindness and Rehabilitation of Visually Impaired – IAPB Italia Onlus, Rome – Italy

Pre- and Post-Treatment Comparison

Vision Focused on
Value for the Patient

Case of anti-VEGF treatment for age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

Circle at 2° Percentage of Fixation Points 66.1%
Circle at 4° Percentage of Fixation Points 92.1%
Mean Sensitivity: 20.4

Circle at 2° Percentage of Fixation Points 68.1%
Circle at 4° Percentage of Fixation Points 95.5%
Mean Sensitivity: 20.9

Additional features on the MP-3

Factory-Installed Option

Scotopic Microperimetry

Scotopic microperimetry is used to assess the changes in rod sensitivity of degenerative retinal diseases including age-related macular degeneration and some forms of retinitis pigmentosa. The type S provides scotopic microperimetry in addition to the standard functions of the MP-3.

MP-3 & 3S

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