Comprehensive Vision Analysis & Assessment

Wavefront Aberrometer

Wavefront aberrometry gives unprecedented assessment of visual acuity and quality of vision in addition to traditional refraction and keratometry. Simulation of retinal contrast sensitivity and visual acuity charts enable objective quantification of visual clarity.

Wavefront Aberrometer

Topography & Auto Refractometer

Auto Keratometer & Pupilometer/Pupilographer

A Map and Guide for Optimal Clinical Decisions

Irregularity helps determine the best strategy for vision correction. Separation into Total Corneal and Internal components allows determination of the source of the optical pathology.

PSF images of OPD, Axial, and Internal OPD map simulate objective retinal visual quality from each component of the eye for easy clinical assessment and patient education.

Corneal Spherical Aberration aids in the selection of aspheric IOLs and contact lenses.
The Astigmatism index aids the implantation of toric IOLs such as incision placement and lens alignment.
A retroillumination image of cataracts captured during the OPD exam allows better understanding of pupillary effects on vision and in patient education.

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