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Provides easy alignment with greater accuracy and precision, using the advanced technology of the Torsion Error Detection (TED), 200Hz Eye tracking system and Motorized Magnification Control of the Quest.


 Sampling Rates: 100msec


The NIDEK Excimer creates a uniform ablated surface and the optimized custom ablation with the highest precision, using an innovative scanning technology including Flex Scan and MultiPoint™ Ablation systems of the Quest.

NAVWave Assistant Softwares

Offers optimum refractive treatments with greater precision, using intelligent diagnostic technologies of the OPD-Scan III and Final Fit software.

Optimum Functionalities

User-Friendly Controller

All necessary operations before laser ablation, such as TED alignment, magnification change, focus, illumination, eye tracking are controllable at hand on the optimally congregated remote controller.

Laser Arm Special Function
LCD Monitor

The LCD Monitor displays information and laser parameters for easier operation - these include eye tracking image, TED image, laser operation time and split screen for OPD photo/laser axis matching prior to tracking activation.

Superior Safety Mechanism

The system has an integrated automated mirror protection window to keep the optical mirrors clean. The special window opens when the "Laser Ready" button is pressed and closes when the operation is completed.


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