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Gold Standard in Fitting Specialty Lenses

Extensive Corneal Analysis
& Treatment Procedures

The E300 USB Corneal Topographer has applications in a wide range of corneal analysis and treatment procedures, including:

Precise Optics Over
Large Area of Coverage

Based on an unobtrusive compact cone design incorporating precision optics and using 32 rings with 9600 measurement points, the E300 USB provides detailed topography data over a wide area of the human cornea. Coverage extends from a minimum ring diameter of 0.25mm up to 14mm when using Composite Mapping Capture, which is ideal for detailed assessment of corneal pathologies and detailed contact lens fitting.

Ease of Capture

Corneal Topographer Maps are captured automatically with a simple alignment system, meaning maps are captured in seconds, not minutes. Difficult surfaces become a simple task and patient comfort is completely optimized.

Images are captured automatically with a simple alignment system and progressive storage of the four best images.

Corrects defocused, off-centered images and corrects for errors due to misalignment, providing extreme accuracy.
Provides information to the user on the captured image quality.

Integration with Practice Management Systems

Now with Medmont Studio, vision practitioners can integrate database with practice management systems.

Advanced Contact Lens Fitting Software

Automatic fitting of RGP lenses, including multiple peripheral curves, toric, aspheric and conic designs is quickly and easily performed with the E300 USB. An expandable database of standard lens designs is included. Manual adjustment and repositioning of the lens can be performed, with the results presented on a simulated fluorescein display and a tear film clearance graph.

Analyze Patient Cornea
with Extreme Accuracy

Easily configurable to specific preference of the user, the E300 USB is able to present a wide variety of different display options, with up to four images per screen. Examples of multiple images of the same type to identify trends, a difference display and a combination map which can present four different views (e.g. axial power, tangential power, elevation and video image) of one examination.


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