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NIDEK Ophthalmic Equipment and Instruments

Thank you for visiting our site. Founded in Gamagori, Japan in 1971, NIDEK continues to be a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of ophthalmic equipment. The United States subsidiary based in Silicon Valley, California, provides sales and service for ophthalmic lasers, refractive lasers, and many advanced diagnostic devices.

Celebrating over 30 years in the United States, our commitment to customer satisfaction is only exceeded by our dedication to provide the highest level of quality and performance of our equipment. Feel free to contact us.

Other NIDEK products are distributed by Marco Ophthalmic and Santinelli International. Marco is a “leader in vision diagnostics,” and Santinelli is “perfecting the art inside the frame.”

Noted for reliability and ease-of-use, NIDEK’s high-quality ophthalmic lasers are designed for accuracy and assured patient outcome. These state-of-the-art devices incorporate the latest in innovative technology, including many features absent from other brands. In addition, many of NIDEK ophthalmic lasers offer a path for upgrading to the latest models, keeping you on the cutting edge both today and in the future.
NIDEK carries a wide array of diagnostic cameras designed to match to the needs of the eye-care industry – including fundus imagers, confocal microscopes, microperimeters, ultrasound scanners, and corneal topographers. As with all of our products, NIDEK diagnostic cameras are backed by our professional customer-support team.

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In our continuing effort to share news about our products and services, NIDEK has compiled a series of informative video presentations. We encourage you to view them as an accompaniment to the other materials found within our site.

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