Why use the YC-200 S plus YAG/SLT Laser?

Howard Barnebey, MD, shares his experience with the NIDEK YC-200 S plus YAG/SLT laser and how its enhanced engineering and features allow for precision, control, and functionality when performing SLT, capsulotomies, and iridotomies.

Case Study: Rapid Readings You Can Trust

Accuracy, reproducibility, and ease of use are hallmarks of the NIDEK AL-Scan optical biometer In refractive cataract surgery, a fraction of a diopter or a few degrees of astigmatism one way or the other can mean the difference between delight and disappointment for patients, even when the surgery was otherwise textbook perfect. Our two-surgeon practice […]

Case Study: Can the NIDEK MP-3 Microperimeter Teach Eccentric Viewing?

NIDEK MP-3 Case Study

A Case Study on the MP-3 in a Retina and Low Vision Practice BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: Central vision loss can be caused by congenital or acquired retinal disease including ARMD. Our retinal doctors at MOORE EYE INSTITUTE treat the retinal disease and the patient’s functional needs are treated during the low vision evaluation. One method of achieving […]