NIDEK Digital Medical Scope

VersaCam 𝛼

Portable Fundus Imaging Unit

The lightweight and compact design allows easy portability from room to room or center to center.

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Color LCD Touch Screen

3.5-inch monitor allows easy review of the fundus images.

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High Quality Imaging

The 5-megapixel clear-color camera with 45° horizontal angle of view (40° vertical) provides high quality digital imaging.

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Long Lasting Battery

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 3 hours of continuous operation.

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Enhance Your Patient Convenience

With its lightweight and compact design, you can easily capture images from anywhere, regardless of whether the patient is sitting or supine.

Digital Solution for Clinical Imaging

The VersaCam 𝛼 offers a simple solution for viewing, showing, and recording various clinical images. This digital medical scope device can be handheld or slit lamp mounted, a cost-effective and ergonomic solution for equipping a fundus camera.

​Easy Imaging from Start to Finish

Easily capture and review images with built-in auto focus and auto shot on a 5 megapixel color camera, with a single click all on one hand. Internal fixation allows for better and easier image capture and imaging of more peripheral lesions.

Easy Imaging from Start to Finish

From capturing high quality digital images with its camera to easily reviewing images on its LCD touch screen, this digital medical scope also offers optional image filing with NAVIS-EX – image filing software for NIDEK devices.