The 3-in-1 US-4000/500 Echoscan is a comprehensive ultrasound system with B-scan, Biometry, and Pachymetry, designed to treat more patients.

VersaCam™ 𝛼

DS-20 VersaCam™ 𝛼 is a portable fundus imaging unit, a versatile digital scope designed for easy fundus screening with automated functionalities.

MP-3/3 type S

The MP-3/3 type S features a microperimeter with a non-mydriatic fundus camera, can effectively improve office efficiency and patient comfort.


The OPD-Scan III is a five-in-one dedicated refractive workstation for all practitioners, providing accurate and reliable corneal aberration analyses.

YLC-500/500 Vixi

The YLC-500 uses the innovative optically pumped semiconductor laser method to achieve reliable laser delivery.

YC-200/200 S plus

YC-200/200 S plus provides features for targeting pathology, accurate energy delivery, and operative assistance for delivering treatments “Right on the Mark.”

MC-500/500 Vixi

The MC-500/500 Vixi is a versatile, multicolor laser photocoagulator with technology faster than traditional micromanipulators.


NAVEX Quest EC-5000 is a refractive surgery platform ergonomically designed for surgeons at every critical point — all without per-procedure fees.

GYC-500/500 Vixi

A portable powerhouse in a small console, the GYC-500/500 Vixi is a solid-state green laser that delivers stable treatment.


The Corneal Topographer offers the practitioner gold-standard accuracy in full mapping coverage of a patient’s cornea.