Repair Service Policy.

  1. RMA Number
    1. Customer must obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number from an Authorized Nidek Customer Service Representative before sending any product to Nidek for repair.
    2. The RMA will be valid only for the product issued for; all items that need to be sent in with any product must be listed on RMA
    3. Products sent to Nidek without RMA number are subject to be denied and will be returned at the customer’s expense.
  2. Packaging
    1. Nidek strongly recommends the use of original packaging container, including the internal foam if possible. If the original container is not available please contact our Customer Service department to inquire about borrowing/purchasing packing material (a deposit is required for loaner shipping container).
    2. Do not pack any product using foam material or paper to wrap up product.
    3. Nidek is not responsible for any damage to the product that occurs during transportation/shipping. We recommend that you insure the product.
    4. Customer must write the RMA number on the outside of the shipping container/box. The RMA must be visible for receiving purposes. If you have any question please contact our Service Department. (800) 223-9044
  3. Shipping
    1. Nidek will cover ground shipping cost for products covered under Warranty or a Service Agreement that includes freight. If customer chooses to expedite shipping, the expedited freight charge will be the customer’s responsibility. NOTE: Customers without any Warranty or Service Agreement will be responsible for all freight charges.
  4. Repairs Estimates
    1. Nidek will provide an estimate of the repair cost within (15) Business days after receiving the product.
    2. Customer has 10 business days to approve or reject the provided repair estimate.
    3. Customer must specify and initial requested shipping method upon return of the repair estimate, if not specified, the repair will be shipped via ground.
    4. Customers who decline a repair or do not reply within 10 business days will be charged the minimum repair evaluation for one hour labor (standard rates) plus the shipping cost to return the unit.
  5. Repair Turnaround

Nidek will make its best effort to complete the necessary repairs within 15 business days of receiving customer approval. If other issues are found on product, more time will be required to complete the repairs. This will only vary if discrepancies are found upon receipt (Wrong Item Shipped, Incorrect Serial Number, Part Backorder, or a need for a third party repair service and /or parts) Customer Service will contact the customer if repairs will need more time than the 15 business days.

  1. Repair warranty

All repairs carry a 45 day limited warranty against defect in material and workmanship. The warranty begins on the day of shipment from Nidek to the customer. This warranty pertains  to the specific repair only, any new and/or different issues in material or workmanship will be treated as a new incident.

  1. Customer Loaner Guidelines.

    1. Nidek can provide loaner units. Repair time loaners that are no longer under warranty will be charge a usage fee. This fee will be billed on the repair invoice. Product under warranty or Service Agreement that include loaners, there will be no charge.
    2. Customers will need to call the customer service rep who issued the Return Authorization immediately upon receipt of the loaner if there is any visible damage or the unit arrived and is not operating properly
    3. Customers are responsible for the care of the Loaner unit while it is in their possession, If the system is damaged while in the possession of the customer, then the customer will be responsible for the cost of any repairs needed to get the system up and running.
    4. Returning loaners – Please use the original shipping container/box. Not using the original shipping container/box can cause damage to the product during transportation. If any repairs are needed due to the usage of wrong shipping container/box, Customer will be responsible for all repairs.
    5. Loaner must be returned to Nidek within two weeks after receiving customer’s repaired unit. Late fee of $100 will apply if loaner unit is not return within two weeks to Nidek. Additional fee will be invoiced. If loaner is not returned to Nidek within 30 days then customer will be billed list price of the unit.
    6. Customers that are not covered by Warranty or a Service Agreement that includes shipping will be responsible for shipping charges two ways, to ship unit to them and to return the unit to Nidek.

 Standard Product Warranty Repair Policy

 All Nidek product sold in the U.S.A. carry limited warranty, during the warranty period, NIdek will cover depot repair for the product. The limited warranty covers only issues encountered during normal use of the product. Warranty does not apply to damage from use, abuse, accidents, unauthorized service or move of the product, act of god.

Non-Warranty Repair Policy

Nidek offers repair service for product (s) issues that occur outside of the limited warranty period or terms. The repair can be completed at the standard billable rates for parts, labor and shipping.

  1. Field Service.

Nidek also provide field service, Nidek will schedule field service within 24 hours, if product can’t be repair at customer site, product may need to be sent to Nidek’s office in Fremont CA for the necessary repairs.