Confocal Digital Ophthalmoscope

The F-10 confocal digital ophthalmoscope from NIDEK is a leap forward in retinal imaging technology. The F-10 captures every detail of the retina and choroid, providing high-contrast images with outstanding quality.

Key Features:

  • Four-wavelength confocal laser imaging with blue laser for autoflourescence
  • Streaming FA video at 26 fps
  • Color Fundus imaging for improved diagnosis

Experience Spectacular Retinal Imaging with the NIDEK F-10 Digital Ophthalmoscope

Screenshot 2015-09-28 21.47.19The F-10 was developed to give Ophthalmologists a high definition (HD) diagnostic imaging system. Designed to provide astonishing infrared scanning images, high contrast FA Images with streaming video plus super IA choridial views. Auto fluorescence is also available for early dry AMD patients/ studies.

The F-10 is the Next Generation of Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope. It is equipped with the latest in Laser Digital Technology, providing unsurpassed image quality for every detail of the retina and choroid. It is very useful in identifying minute details of any retinal and choroidal pathology.

Optimized Catadioptoric System of the F-10 captures crystal clear images of the retina even on periphery areas with minimized affects of aberration. The F-10 Digital Ophthalmoscope provides exceptional capillary details without any post-exam image processing.

The F-10’s four light sources for each unique wavelength are applicable for various clinical applications.

The F-10 is capable of both IA and FA streaming video and digital images, or simultaneous imaging of both. The F-10’s high-speed capture rate enables clinicians to locate the exact location of retinal irregularities.

As well as angiography, the F-10’s IR scanning offers the possibility of its utilization as a daily routine examination device.

The F-10 Digital Ophthalmoscope also provides techniques such as DCO – Differential Contrast Ophthalmoscopy and Dark Field Imaging.

Each Fluorescein Angiography (FA), ICG Angiography (IA) and simultaneous imaging of both with high frame rate enables clear observation of pathology from the early stage of examination.

Retinopathy – Panoramic imaging with preset fixation points

Panoramic Imaging of the F-10 is useful in capturing details of retinopathy in central and peripheral areas of the patient’s retina.

490nm wavelength light source of the F-10 enables Autofluorescence Imaging. Since Autofluorescence imaging requires no injections to the patient, it is comfortable for the patient.

BRVO (Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion) – FA with 60 degrees wide-angle adaptor
60 degrees wide-angle adaptor enables practitioners to capture details of pathology in peripheral area of retina, as well as macular area.
AMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration) – Using simultaneous FA and IA
Choroidal Neovasculization is clearly observed from an early stage of fluorescence imaging.

F-10 Specifications

Fileld of view40 (24 x 32)

60 (36 x 48) with non contact wide field lens
Focus range-15 to +15 dioptres spherical, increments of 0.5 dpt
Optical resolution16 to 20 µm
FixationRed laser

internal 2 x 2 LED
Confocal aperture1.5 to 7 mm (5 increments)

Dark field (3 increments)
Measurable pupil diameter2.5 mm or larger
Laser sourceICG excitation and IR reflectance : laser 790 nm (Class 1)

FAG excitation and blue reflectance : laser 490 nm (Class 1)

Green reflectance : laser 532 nm (Class 1)

Red reflectance : laser 660 nm (Class 1)
Image modeFluorescein angiography (FA)

ICG angiography (IA)


IR reflectance (IR)

Blue reflectance

Green reflectance

Red reflectance

Retro mode

Ring aperture

Differential contrast ophthalmoscopy (DCO)
Sensor modeNormal sensor / differential contrast sensor

LAN (10 / 100 Base-T)
SoftwareExport function

Automatic image transfer to PC

Guided fixation

List and thumbnail index available
Power supplyAC 100 to 120 V or AC 220 to 240 V ±10% 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumptionA maxmum of 350 VA
Dimensions / Weight450 (W) x 610 (D) x 590 to 630 (H) mm / 55 kg

17.7 (W) x 24.0 (D) x 23.2 to 24.8 (H) " / 121.3 lbs.

Part # 15-0076