Non-Mydriatic Automated Fundus Camera

Nidek’s AFC-330 represents a 40-year pedigree of research and development that redefines the science of non-mydriatic fundus cameras. Combined quantum leaps in operator and patient interface, simplicity, automation, and total practice efficiencies, make this instrument a revolutionary advancement in retinal imaging. The AFC-330 can EASILY switch to manual mode for experienced photographers.

Key Features:

  • AutoAlign and AutoTrack in X, Y, Z axes
  • Autofocus, AutoShot, and AutoStereo
  • Networkable to EMR/EHR
  • Quiet operation and lower flash intensity

Functional Simplicity

Modern Design

The large color touchscreen interface on the AFC-330 places all functions at the operator’s fingertips with intuitive menus and icons. Exam type, patient selection, database edits, and image review are all possible on the AFC-330’s screen.

  • Large 8.4″ tilting, color touchscreen
  • Small footprint with stand-alone operation
  • One of the fastest automatic cameras on the market

fundus-camera-modern-designAll in One

The integrated high-resolution imaging sensor and internal PC remove the complicated cabling, allowing the AFC-330 to communicate via LAN without the need of an external PC in the screening area, thereby maximizing office space efficiency.

Operator Guidance Features
The AFC-330 possesses the most advanced automatic features without giving up the manual override operation for certain clinical needs. All automatic features can be set as fully automatic, semi-automatic, or fully manual modes of operation.

Patient Position Indicator
The image interval indicator displays the time lapse between photos as well as pupil-size reticle. In both automatic and manual mode the AFC-330 provides the operator with on-screen directional indicators. The anterior monitor ensures patient position during retinal focusing.

Applied Automation

designed-automated-fundus-cameraThe Advanced Fundus Camera

The AFC-330’s automated functions forge new ground in fundus imaging technology with focus on capturing the perfect picture every time, regardless of operator experience or skill level. The AFC-330 makes numerous command calculations per second. Only this level of automation can account for the speed of operation and accuracy of this camera – the essential foundation of practice efficiency.

Three-Dimensional Automatic Alignment

  • AutoTrack – patient movements are detected and followed automatically
  • AutoFocus – for maximum ease of use
  • AutoShot – when optimal conditions are met, the photo is acquired

Being equipped with this level of sophistication, the AFC-330 is able to align and automatically switch from anterior to posterior focusing.

Benefits of Advanced Automation
The AFC-330 delivers unsurpassed ease of use with advanced features that enhance the management of retinal disease, such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Available modes include:

  • AutoStereo Pairing – separation and focal adjustments without user intervention
  • AutoPanoramic Imaging – seven fields, performed with automatic fixation adjustments
  • External Photography – automatic adjustments to device settings for optimized results
  • Single 45° – advanced or standard fixation

The AFC-330 now offers advanced standard-of-care imaging techniques that are practical to perform without disrupting patient flow.

Operational Efficiency

Performance and Versatility
The speed and simplicity of the AFC-330 results in an enhanced practice flow meaning more accurate data, faster exams, and less need for retakes. The AFC-330 fulfills the goal of elevating the patient’s experience.

  • Rapid processing and automated functions
  • Less time at the device for patients and staff
  • Fewer compromised images
  • Fewer data transcription errors
  • Space-saving design

Patient Comfort
The AFC-330 improves efficiency in time, space, and patient comfort. The lower flash intensity and sound-dampened mechanical movements, along with automatic blink and pupil measurement, make for the perfect picture every time with fewer retakes and happier patients. It is arguably one of the fastest automatic retinal cameras available with capture time often less than five seconds.

  • Low-light photography mode with reduced flash intensity
  • Quiet operation reduces patient anxiety, squinting, and blinking
  • AutoBlink indicator
  • Small-pupil mode – 3.3mm
  • High-speed image capture

AFC-330 Specifications

TypeNon-mydriatic Automated Fundus Camera
Angle of view45º (33º in small-pupil photography mode)
Working distance45.7mm (from objective lens to cornea)
Minimum pupil diameterø4.0mm (ø3.3mm in small-pupil photography mode)
Dioptric compensation for patient’s eyes-33 to +35 D total

-33 to -7 D with minus dioptric lens

-12 to +15 D with no dioptric lens

+11 to +35 D with plus dioptric lens
Focusing methodInfrared focus split alignment Adjustable range: -12 to +15 D
Light source

For observation:

For capturing:

Halogen lamp 12V 50W

Xenon flash lamp 300Ws
Flash intensity17 levels from F1 (F4.0 +0.8 EV) to F17 (F16 +0.8 EV) 0.5 EV increments
Internal fixation targetLED (maximum 9 points)
External fixation targetFree-arm (optional)
Horizontal movement40mm (back and forth)

85mm (left and right)
Vertical movement32mm
Chinrest movement62mm (up and down, motorized)
AutoTrackX-Y-Z direction
AutoShotAutomatic image capture
CameraBuilt-in 12 megapixel CCD camera
DisplayTiltable 8.4-inch color LCD touchscreen
InterfaceLAN, USB 2.0
Power SupplyAC 100-240 V ±10%, 50 / 60 Hz
Power Consumption150 VA
Dimensions • Mass316mm (W) x 518mm (D) x 579mm (H)  29 kg
12.4" (W) x 20.4" (D) x 22.8" (H)  64 lbs

Part # 15-0077