Optical Biometer

The device provides six essential values for cataract surgery very quickly, and the auto tracking and auto shot capabilities make acquisition speedy and straightforward.

Key Features:

  • 3D auto tracking/auto shot
  • Rapid measurement
  • IOL power calculation
  • Corneal curvature radius
  • Optional built-in ultrasound A-scan and pachymetry
  • Additional features with AL-Scan Viewer for NAVIS-EX

10 seconds to measure 6 values

5604fdf473074NIDEK’s solution is the state of the art optical biometer – the AL-Scan. In 10 seconds, six values for cataract surgery are measured:

  • Axial length
  • Corneal curvature radius
  • Anterior chamber depth
  • Central corneal thickness
  • White-to-white distance
  • Pupil size

Rapid measurements are essential for clinical efficiency and patient comfort.

3-D auto tracking and auto shot

5604fdf46efcbWith the introduction of the AL-Scan, NIDEK continues its tradition of providing user friendly equipment. The AL-Scan is so intuitive that personnel require little to no training for obtaining measurements.

The AL-Scan incorporates NIDEK’s much acclaimed 3-D auto tracking and auto shot, which provides the operator with the most ease, comfort, and accuracy on all measurements. The 3-D auto tracking tracks eye movements on the X-Y-Z planes to ensure accurate alignment of the eye. Once correct alignment is completed, the auto shot immediately captures the image and data.

Enhanced Possibility to Measure Cataractous Eyes

5604fdf42cbc9Advanced measurement algorithms enhance the signal-to-noise ratio by decreasing noise and boosting the signal.

Optional Built-in Ultrasound Biometer

In cases where the optical biometer cannot measure an eye with an extremely dense cataract, the AL-Scan provides an optional built-in ultrasound biometer, allowing measurement of virtually any cataractous eye without having to move the patient. The AL-Scan requires no connection with an external ultrasound unit.


Anterior segment observation with imaging of lens, pupil, and double mire rings

The AL-Scan provides sectional lens image, pupil image, and reflected image of double mire rings projected onto the cornea, which enables the operator to observe the anterior segment.


IOL calculation with its own measured values

Nine IOL calculation formulas are incorporated in the AL-Scan. Once measurement is completed, the IOL power is automatically calculated using its own measured data.

Additional Barrett formulas available for the NAVIS-EX AL-Scan Viewer Barrett Universal II, Barrett True-K, Barrett Toric Calculator


Additional features with AL-Scan Viewer for NAVIS-EX* (optional)

AL-Scan Viewer is software used for viewing and working with AL-Scan data via NAVIS-EX. This function enhances the capability of the AL-Scan with additional features and increases the efficiency of any clinic.

* NAVIS-EX is optional software and is required for use of the AL-Scan Viewer.

Data management and IOL power calculations

The large storage capacity of the NAVIS-EX database is available for review on the AL-Scan Viewer. The basic functions of the AL-Scan can also be performed with the AL-Scan Viewer including IOL power calculations and optimization of IOL constants.

Toric lens assist function

Acquisition of multiple toric lens assist images allows selection of the optimal image for digitally marking the astigmatic axis. These images allow better surgical planning for accurate toric IOL alignment.

Recalculation of measured values

The AL-Scan Viewer allows recalculation of modified axial length, white-to-white, and pupil size data for accurate calculations.

AL-Scan Specifications

Optical measurement
Axial lengthMeasurement range 14 to 40 mm

Display increments 0.01 mm

Measurement method Low-coherence interferometry (LCI)
Corneal curvature radiusMeasurement range 5.00 to 13.00 mm

Display increments 0.01 mm
Anterior chamber depthMeasurement range 1.5 to 6.5 mm

Display increments 0.01 mm
Central corneal thicknessMeasurement range 250 to 1,300 μm

Display increments 1 μm
White-to-white distanceMeasurement range 7 to 14 mm
Display increments 0.1 mm
Pupil sizeMeasurement range 1 to 10 mm
Display increments 0.1 mm
Ultrasonic measurement (optional)
Axial lengthMeasurement range 12 to 40 mm
Display increments 0.01 mm
Corneal thicknessMeasurement range 200 to 1,300 μm
Display increments 1 μm
IOL calculation formula
ConventionalRegression, Regression II, Formula/T, Binkhorst, Hoffer Q,
Holladay, Haigis, Camellin-Calossi
Post-LASIKCamellin-Calossi, Shammas PL
Auto tracking / Auto shotX-Y-Z directions

Auto shot
DisplayTiltable 8.4-inch color LCD touch screen
PrinterThermal line printer with automatic paper cutter
InterfaceLAN, USB
Power supplyAC 100 to 240 V
50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption100 VA
Dimensions / Mass283 (W) x 504 (D) x 457 (H) mm / 21 kg

11.1 (W) x 19.8 (D) x 18.0 (H)" / 46 lbs.

Part # 15-0081