NIDEK Multicolor Laser Photocoagulator

MC-500 & 500 Vixi

Tailored Laser Treatment For Any Patient
The MC-500 & 500 Vixi provides multicolor for multiple applications. Select up to three colors (532nm/577nm/647nm) and wide range of delivery unit options.
Reliable Laser Delivery for Optimal Treatments
The MC-500 & 500 Vixi is a multicolor laser that achieves stable treatment outcomes for multiple applications.
Safety Optics with Low Impact on Cornea
Unlike conventional lasers, NIDEK’s MC-500 & 500 Vixi is developed with SOLIC optical design, ensuring low energy density on the cornea lens, even for large spot sizes.
Treatment of Various Retinal Pathologies
Vision practitioners can now treat varying retinal pathologies with 22 preprogrammed scan patterns. With functions such as Auto Forward and Spacing, the MC-500 Vixi creates a better experience in surgical procedures.