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MP-3 Bigger Picture

All-in-one system provides microperimetry color fundus imagery and fixation analysis

By Karen Appold

MP-3 Review

MP-3 Tech Spotlight for Ophthalmology Web

By Dr. Sadiq Syed, MD

AL-Scan Optical Biometer

AL-Scan E-book

10 Seconds To Quality Surgical Data


AL-Scan E-book

Swept Source Biometry Results Similar to Partial Coherent Interferometry

By Fred Gebhart

AL-Scan Review

Rapid Readings You Can Trust

Mabel M.P. Cheng MD; Nicole Lemanski, MD; and Brian Lemanski

RS-3000 Advance OCT

RS-3000 Review

An Eye on Clarity

By Karen Appold

AL-Scan Optical Biometer & CEM-530 Specular Microscope

AL-Scan and CEM-530 Review

Better Preoperative Testing, Better Surgical Outcomes

By Farrell “Toby” Tyson, MD &  Daniel S. Durrie, MD

NIDEK CEM-530 White Paper

CEM-530 White Paper

Dr. Nathan Lighthizer, OD & Dr. Emile Fadel, OD

Medmont E300 Corneal Topographer

Medmont E300 Study

Automated Tear Film Surface Quality Breakup Time as a Novel Clinical Marker for Tear Hyperosmolarity in Dry Eye Disease

By Laura Elizabeth Downie

Part # 17-0038