Why buy a Service Agreement?

As is the case with Medicine & Medical devices, in business, prevention is better than cure.

Regular inspection and preventive maintenance of your medical devices prolong the life of your investment and ensures reliable performance and regulatory compliance. To provide you the security of support and maintenance coverage for your Nidek equipment, we offer service plans that fit your business needs and budget. These plans provide the following services and benefits during your contract term:

  • Reduced total cost of ownership by minimizing downtime and maximizing utilization
  • Predictable maintenance costs for more accurate budgeting
  • Fixed annual service cost regardless of the number or severity of repairs
  • All parts including optics and labor during the Term of the contract
  • Service contract customers may be eligible for multiple systems or year discounts
  • Priority services, priority on-site service, and priority response time for scheduling
  • Phone support and on-site calls included
Grade Parts and Labor Preventative Maintenance Travel & Shipping Charge Loaner Unit Free Phone Support
Platinum Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gold Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Silver Yes No No No Yes


We are committed to exceeding your expectations by providing superior service experiences.

A Nidek service Contract / Agreement gives you peace of mind and allows us to provide you with the highest level of service we can offer along with the long-term benefits associated with being Nidek customer.

For more information, contact service department today.

E-mail: support@nidek.com

Phone: 1-800-223-9044