Nidek Advanced Vision Excimer Laser System

The EC-5000 Quest is one of the most reliable excimer lasers on the market today. The ergonomic EC-5000 Quest is designed to reduce or eliminate myopia and hyperopia, with or without astigmatism, and offers the latest in advanced technology — all without per-procedure fees.

Key Features:

  • CATz : Custom Aspheric Treatment Zone
  • Final Fit software – outcome simulation

Delivering Ultimate Solutions Today

NIDEK delivers the NAVEX Quest, the evolutionary customized refractive surgery platform.

The NAVEX Quest is a unique combination – incorporating the new, advanced, fully-integrated the Quest excimer laser system, the OPD-Scan III refractive power / corneal wavefront analyzer, the OPD-Station software, the FinalFit™ software – that offers advanced technologies, superior engineering, excellent workmanship and outstanding clinical performance and clinical outcomes. With these advanced and innovative technologies, the NAVEX Quest provides all the tools needed for performing customized, topographic assisted refractive surgery procedures and helps surgeons achieve the optimum visual outcome.

New Innovative Ablation Algorithms

New innovative ablation algorithms (CATz) provide exceptional treatment accuracy and visual outcomes.

  • CATz: Customized Aspheric Treatment Zone- CATz with topography-assisted multipoint ablation to reduce corneal irregularities, such as irregular astigmatism, de-center, central island, etc.

NAVScan: To realize a uniform ablated surface and the optimized custom ablation with highest precision, using an innovative scanning technology including super flex scan and MultiPoint™ ablation systems.

NAVFocus: To provide easy alignment with greater accuracy and precision, using the advanced technology of the Torsion Error Correction (TEC), 1kHz Eye Tracking System (ETS), and motorized magnification control.

NAVWave:  To offer optimum refractive treatments with greater precision, using intelligent diagnostic technologies of the OPD-Scan III, and the Final Fit™ software.

User-friendly Remote Controller

best excimer laserAll necessary operations before laser ablation, such as TED alignment, magnification change, focus, illumination, eye tracking are controllable at hand on the optimally congregated remote controller.

Special Function LCD Monitor on Laser Arm

reliable excimer laserThe LCD Monitor displays information and laser parameters for easier operation – these include eye tracking image, TED image, laser operation time and split screen for OPD photo/laser axis matching prior to tracking activation.

Superior Protective & Safety Mechanisms

superior excimer laserThe system has an integrated automated mirror protection window to keep the optical mirrors clean. The special window opens when the “Laser Ready” button is pressed and closes when the operation is completed.


An advanced technology to provide easy alignment with active tracking for greater accuracy and precision.

torsion error

Torsion Error Detection

The Torsion Error Detection (TED) detects Cyclo-Torsion and improves cylinder correction alignment accuracy before ensuring that the Quest laser ablates the patient’s eye with unparalleled precision patient’s.

1KHz Eye Tracking System

Built-In Advanced 1KHz Eye Tracking System (ETS) utilizes high-speed digital image processing technology to follow the patient’s eye, ensuring accurate and precise laser alignment and delivery during the procedure. With the advanced offset function, the surgeon can set the tracking point at anywhere within  1mm from the pupil center as needed. Also, the alignment speed has been greatly improved, allowing faster and smoother operation. The safety laser stop function automatically stops laser ablation if the ETS cannot follow the patient’s eye.

Motorized Magnification Controls

motorized magThe Quest offers Advanced motorized magnification controls, allowing the surgeon to change the magnification easily, using a switch on the controller.


An innovative scanning technology to realize a uniform ablated surface and the optimized custom ablation with NIDEK’s highest precision.

Flex Scan

Flex-scanAdvanced Energy Delivery Systems – Flex Scan – creates an unique slit scanning ablation profile that improves accuracy of the refractive correction. The scanning slit beam smoothly sweeps the cornea, quickly ablating tissue with cool, overlapping ultraviolet energy.

MultiPointTM Ablation

multipointMultiPointTM Ablation system can correct certain high-order aberrations.MultiPointTM Customized Ablation module divides the rectangular-shaped laser beam into six equal gaussian spots of 1.0 mm in diameter, which can be individually or simultaneously projected onto the cornea for a highly precise ablation of small area irregularities.



Refractive Power / Corneal AnalyzerThe OPD-Scan III provides information on corneal topography, wavefront, refraction, keratometry and pupillometry in one unit, offering highly accurate and reliable data for optic diagnostics.

NAVWave: An intelligent diagnostic technology to offer optimum refractive treatments with greater precision.

Fast Processing Speed

The OPD-Scan III offers fast processing speed, minimizing stress in daily clinical use.

Wide Measurement Range

Has the ability to measure high power Cylinder providing accuracy in irregular aberration measurements. (Sphere -20.0 to +22.0D and Cylinder 0.0 to +/-12.0D)

Easy Data Maintenance with a Detachable HDD

Patient data is saved to a detachable HDD, allowing quick and easy data transfer.

Final FitTM

The Final FitTM software receives the measured data from the OPD-Scan III, and performs a simulation of postoperative corneal shape and total eye refraction. It generates excimer laser shot data using the OPD-Scan III data and entered target correction data.

Shot Data Generation
The Final FitTM software evaluates and converts the OPD-Scan III’s refractive and topographic data to produce the precise customized ablation parameters for the Quest excimer laser system. These unique algorithms control the Quest’s MultiPoint™ Ablation Module to enable multiple, simultaneous localized ablations to correct higher order optical aberrations, corneal irregularities and decentered ablations. Aspheric ablations are also included in the shot file treatments. A larger, smoother OZ/TZ is the objective.

Comparison of Postoperative and Preoperative Data

The Final FitTM software compares postoperative data measured by the OPD-Scan III with the preoperative or target data.

Eye Tracking Offset function*

The Final FitTM software outputs the Eye Tracking Offset information based on Shot data calculation.



Why Top Refractive Surgeons Choose the NAVEX Quest

By: Drs. Shamik Bafna, Nancy Tanchel, and Gerald Walman

EC-5000 Specifications

Therapeutic laser
Beam Control1.0 mm spots & slit scanning
Laser sourceArF Excimer laser
Wavelength193 nm
Repetition rate(Myopia) 40 Hz
(Hyperopia) 34Hz
Cooling systemAmbient air cooling
Ablation size
Optical zoneHyperopia: 6.0 mm dia
Transition zoneHyperopia: 9.0 mm dia

Outer Diameter: Optical zone to Max. 10 mm dia
AlignmentLD (red) aiming beam and diagonal cross illumination

3D joystick remote controller (XY auto alignment)
Eye Tracking System (ETS)
Sampling rate1KHz
Detectable pupil sizeø 1.5 to ø 7.8 mm
Torsion Error Detection (TED)
Detectable pupil sizeø 1.5 to ø 6.0 mm
Detectable angle range+/- 15 degrees
Data ImportUSB
Line SourceAC 200 / 208 / 220 / 230 / 240 V +/- 10%

1 phase, neutral and ground
Frequency50/60 Hz
Power consumption3.3 kVA
Dimensions / Weight1450 (W) x 1400 (D) x 1400 (H) mm / 650 kg

57.1 (W) x 55.1 (D) x 55.1 (H) " / 1,433 lbs.
Standard accessoriesSystem main body, Computer Accessories and Monitor, Foot switch, Exhaust duct, Dust cover, Laser goggles, Calibration unit, Lens meter, Printer, Gas valve caution plate, Danger label, Operators manual, Spare parts (start key, key for gas cylinder box, alignment illumination box, coaxial illumination bulb, oblique illumination bulb, rolls of printer paper)
Optional accessoriesPatient bed, Foot controller

Part # 15-0073