Diagnostic Products


The RS-3000 Advance is a premier OCT system incorporating Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope that is designed for comprehensive evaluation of the retina and choroid. The RS-3000 Advance provides exquisite detail of the retinal and choroidal microstructures to assist in clinical diagnosis.

Digital Ophthalmoscope

The F-10 confocal digital ophthalmoscope from NIDEK is a leap forward in retinal imaging technology. The F-10 captures every detail of the retina and choroid, providing high-contrast images with outstanding quality.

Fundus Camera

Nidek’s AFC-330 represents a 40-year pedigree of research and development that redefines the science of non-mydriatic fundus cameras. Combined quantum leaps in operator and patient interface, simplicity, automation, and total practice efficiencies, make this instrument a revolutionary advancement in retinal imaging. The AFC-330 can EASILY switch to manual mode for experienced photographers.

Digital Medical Scope

The VersaCam™ Digital Medical Scope is a versatile, light weight, user friendly, handheld device that utilizes natural white LED light source and allows – several modality’s of imaging, such as posterior and anterior imaging of the eye . Optional lenses and accessories are also available for its use as a Digital Otoscope, Dermatoscope, Endoscope and general purpose that captures images and can be imported to image filing software – one of which, is NIDEK’s NAVIS-EX image filing software.

Specular Microscope

The NIDEK CEM-530 is our fastest, easiest to use specular microscope on the market today. With NIDEK’s 3D auto tracking/auto shot, coupled with an analysis time of under two seconds. This combined with the solid NIDEK build quality and features adds up to real value, less downtime and better patient flow.


NIDEK’s Ultrasound US-4000 ultrasonic unit offers B scan, Biometry, and pachymetry — all in a compact, lightweight device. The unique Ultrasound allows high-resolution images from 400 lines of sampling over 60°, displayed on the 1024 × 768 XGA touch-screen monitor.

Optical Biometer

The device provides six essential values for cataract surgery very quickly, and the auto tracking and auto shot capabilities make acquisition speedy and straightforward.


Nidek’s MP-1S is a retinal function analyzer that, along with its accurate retinal tracker, correlates fixation data and light-sensitivity map on any selected area of the retina. The MP-1S is designed to obtain multiple retinal analysis on patients with almost any visual acuity level.


The MP-3 Microperimeter measures local retinal sensitivity for functional assessment of the retina. The results can be displayed over a color fundus image, correlating retinal anatomy to retinal function.